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Automated Classification of Galaxies Using Transformed Domain Features
2MET Institute of Engineering and Technology-Mansoura-Egypt: Summary Classifying galaxy information is one of the most important challenges for astronomers as it can provide important clues about theExpand
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Use of texture filters to improve quality of digital elevation models derived from stereo imagery
This paper presents a method for improving the quality of stereo DEM by utilizing texture filters. Expand
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Scientific Programming Using Java and C: A Remote Sensing Example
This paper presents results of a project to port code for processing remotely sensed data from the UNIX environment to Windows. Expand
A new clustering technique based on replication for MANET routing protocols
We establish a new approach to form the clusters in MANET called the square cluster-based routing protocol (SCBRP). Expand
Efficient scalar multiplication based on window algorithm with 2's complement applied for elliptic curve cryptosystems
In this paper we propose an efficient and secure elliptic curve scalar multiplication algorithm over odd prime fields. For this purpose, we propose an explicit algorithm for shortExpand
Developing a Protein Interaction Prediction Algorithm on HPC
The prediction of protein-protein interaction is one of the fundamental problems in bioinformatics. Expand
Scientific Programming Using Java: A Remote Sensing Example
This paper presents results of a project to port remote sensing code from the C programming language to Java. Expand