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Craft Retailers’ Criteria for Success and Associated Business Strategies
This research was designed to fill the void in understanding how art–related retailers define and achieve success. A two–phase data collection process was implemented. Preliminary personal interviewsExpand
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Souvenir buying intentions for self versus others.
Abstract This research examines what influences tourists who want to purchase three categories of souvenirs and who are considering purchases for themselves vs. as gifts for family and friends.Expand
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Textile Handcraft Guild Participation: A Conduit to Successful Aging
The purpose of this study was to explore inductively older women's involvement in textile handcraft guilds as a conduit for successful aging. Research salient to textile handcraft guilds and theExpand
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Consumers' Conceptualization of Apparel Attributes
The purpose of this research was to a) generate a composite list of apparel attributes, b) arrange the attributes in conceptual categories and dimensional levels, and c) examine the attributes inExpand
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Social Responsibility in the Global Market: Fair Trade of Cultural Products
PART ONE: INTRODUCTION TO FAIR TRADE IN THE GLOBAL MARKET Philosophy, Practices and Organizational Culture Scholarly Perspectives for Analysis of Fair Trade PART TWO: INCOME, JUSTICE AND EMPOWERMENTExpand
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Symbolic significance of textile crafts for tourists
Abstract Consumer goods acquire symbolic value and serve many purposes for their owners. Exploration of meaning that crafts hold for tourists strengthens understanding of tourist behavior andExpand
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Predicting Souvenir Purchase Intentions
Structural equation modeling was used for predicting souvenir purchase intentions of 277 U.S. female tourists traveling to Mexico. The respondents evaluated five textile products and described theirExpand
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Personalization of Fair Trade Apparel
The purpose of this study was to understand the potential for product personalization to meet fair trade customers' apparel needs. The researchers tested a model that integrated customers' need forExpand
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Senior travellers: Tourism activities and shopping behaviours
Senior travellers aged 50 and over served as the focus for an integrated exploration of tourism activities and shopping behaviours. The twofold purpose of the research was to develop profiles ofExpand
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Product and Process Orientations to Tourism Shopping
Tourists’ shopping behaviors for craft souvenirs were modeled and empirically tested in this study. A self-administered mail questionnaire booklet and a single-page written description of two craftExpand
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