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The evolution of robotics research
This article surveys traditional research topics in industrial robotics and mobile robotics and then expands on new trends in robotics research that focus more on the interaction between human and robot. Expand
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The Evolution of Robotics Research From Industrial Robotics to Field and Service Robotics
his article surveys the evolution of robotics research in the last half century as a response to the evolution of human social needs, from the industr ial robotics that released the human operatorExpand
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Ship building with ROWER
A four-legged mobile platform increases productivity by increasing total arc time, improving weld quality, and creating better working conditions for operators. Expand
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Path tracking with quadruped walking machines using discontinuous gaits
Discontinuous gaits for walking machines offer great advantages over wave gaits, and they seem more adequate for following a path over irregular terrain. Expand
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Manipulators help out with plaster panels in construction
This paper introduces a manipulator to assist the operators in handling and installing pre‐manufactured plaster panels for indoor‐wall construction. Expand
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Generation of discontinuous gaits for quadruped walking vehicles
This article presents a comparative study of continuous and discontinuous gaits with regard to their maximum achievable velocity and stability. Expand
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Terrain-Adaptive Gait for Walking Machines
Adaptive-gait control is a method to adapt walking robot locomotion to an irregular terrain in real time that is based on the variations of parameters of a periodic gait affecting leg coordination. Expand
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Application of CLAWAR Machines
In the last two decades in particular, climbing and walking robots have been the subject of important research activity worldwide. Expand
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Attitude and position control method for realistic legged vehicles
This paper proposes an attitude/position control strategy based on sensors such as contact sensors, inclinometers, and joint position sensors. Expand
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An industrial walking machine for naval construction
This paper describes the walking machine's main structure, the leg structure, and grasping mechanism. Expand
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