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Spherical-Wave-Based Shaped-Beam Field Synthesis for Planar Arrays Including the Mutual Coupling Effects
An analytical method to synthesize shaped-beam patterns with planar arrays, based on the handling of spherical waves, is proposed. Translational Addition Theorems will be used here for two differentExpand
Efficient Combined Array Thinning and Weighting for Pattern Synthesis With a Nested Optimization Scheme
A novel procedure to thin an antenna array which synthesizes a desired pattern with the minimum number of active elements needed to meet several prescribed specifications of the radiated far-field pattern. Expand
Modal Network Model for MIMO Antenna in-System Optimization
The analysis of MIMO systems is described with the aid of a novel modal network model. Expand
Loop-star decomposition for any order basis functions with processing of weak and nearly singularities for the surface integral equation
A procedure to obtain div-conforming elements for the Surface Integral Equation, by rotating some popular curl-conforming bases used in the Finite Elements Method (FEM) is presented. The methodExpand
Applications of the direct domain decomposition based on cylindrical ports in the hybrid Finite Element/Modal Analysis method
In this work, it will be shown some interesting capabilities of a direct domain decomposition methodology, based on the use of the hybrid finite element/modal analysis (FE/MA), which takes advantage of the addition theorems for cylindrical waves. Expand
Multibeam synthesis with minimum SLL through linear programming from the GSM-analysis of an array
The application of all sort of optimization techniques to different array pattern synthesis problems has been widely studied since the early days of antenna array design. Most of these worksExpand
Array design for different SLL and null directions with an interior-point optimization method from the generalized-scattering-matrix and spherical modes
This paper presents a pattern synthesis technique for arbitrary planar arrays which can be characterized in terms of a generalized-scattering-matrix (GSM) and whose radiated field can be expressed asExpand
Analysis of Cavity-Backed Multilayer Microstrip Patch Arrays on Continuous Dielectric Substrates by a Hybrid Modular Technique
This work proposes a numerical procedure to analyse a novel cavity-backed microstrip array configuration that combines both the conventional disposition of patches on continuous dielectric layers andExpand