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Spectral characterization in a supersonic beam of neutral chlorophyll a evaporated from spinach leaves.
The observation of the light absorption of neutral biomolecules has been made possible by a method implemented for their preparation in the gas phase, in supersonically cooled molecular beams, basedExpand
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Double-core ionization and excitation above the sulphur K-edge in , and
Experimental and theoretical results are reported on double-core excitation and ionization processes in some sulphur containing molecules. X-ray absorption spectra have been recorded at the sulphurExpand
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Cluster isolated chemical reactions: Reactivity of Ba atoms and small Ba clusters with SF6 and CO2 molecules on large argon clusters
The cluster isolated chemical reaction technique was used to investigate the reactivity of the Ba/CO2 and Ba/SF6 systems in the environment of Ar≈6000 clusters. The method was extended to documentExpand
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Excited state reactions of metals in clusters: pluridimensional harpoon and solvation effects.
Excited state reactions of metals produce electronically excited products efficiently, as revealed by studies performed both in the gas phase and in free Van der Waals complexes. The reactionExpand
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An example of a phase transition in an open pseudobimolecular system
A phase transition at microscopic level is exhibited for an open bimolecular chemical system. We also give another interpretation of an apparent incompatibility between the microscopic and theExpand
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XAFS at the Kr(2p) edge in the gas phase, clusters, and the solid
Abstract XAFS of atomic, clustered, and solid krypton is reported in the Kr(2p) regime (1660–1760 eV) using monochromatized synchrotron radiation. Spectral features are observed in the near-edgeExpand
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Rovibrational State Population Distributions Calculated from Spontaneous Fluorescence Measurements for CO (v ≲ 4, J≲ 10) in Highly Heated Supersonic Free Jets of CO in N2 and Ar
Internal energy lags are predicted in free jet expansions of polyatomic molecules, due both to the continuous decrease of the collision frequency as the gas expands in the jet, and to the veryExpand
Action spectroscopy of spin forbidden states in the gas phase: A powerful probe for large non-luminescent molecules.
Triplet action spectra of two similar copper porphyrins, copper tetraphenylporphyrin (CuTPP) and copper octaethylporphyrin (CuOEP), have been studied in the gas phase at low temperatures in theExpand
Shape and width of IR absorption lines across supersonic free jets
Abstract High-resolution computations of the shape and width of CO absorption lines in supersonic free jets are presented. The shape of the absorption line depends on the evolution of the density andExpand
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Molecular collisions on Large van der Waals clusters
Large van der Waals clusters are used as microreactors to study collision processes at the contact of a solvent. A barium atom and different molecules are deposited on the surface of an argon clusterExpand