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Zebrafish chromosome banding.
Banding techniques were carried out on metaphase chromosomes of zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos. The karyotypes with the longest chromosomes consist of 12 metacentrics, 26 submetacentrics, and 12Expand
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Arabidopsis AAL-toxin-resistant mutant atr1 shows enhanced tolerance to programmed cell death induced by reactive oxygen species.
The fungal AAL-toxin triggers programmed cell death (PCD) through perturbations of sphingolipid metabolism in AAL-toxin-sensitive plants. While Arabidopsis is relatively insensitive to the toxin, theExpand
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Sex chromosomes and origin of males and sex mosaics of the parthenogenetic stick insect Carausius morosus Br.
The chromosome complements of sporadic males and masculinized females of the thelytokous phasmid Carausius morosus Br. could be analysed in spermatogonia and ovarian follicle cells. MasculinizedExpand
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The durable resistance gene Tm-22 from tomato confers resistance against ToMV in tobacco and preserves its viral specificity
Recently we isolated the Tm-2 2 gene of tomato, which confers resistance to tobamoviruses. The gene encodes a polypeptide that belongs to the group of the CC-NBS-LRR resistance proteins. In thisExpand
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Chromosomes in somatic hybrids between Nicotiana plumbaginifolia and a monoploid potato
SummaryLeaf mesophyll protoplasts of the monohaploid potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) clone H7322 were fused with callus protoplasts of nitrate reductase deficient (NR−) mutants Cnx 20 and NA 36 ofExpand
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Elimination of Solanum phureja nucleolar chromosomes in S. tuberosum + S. phureja somatic hybrids
SummaryThe karyotype of the dihaploid SVP1 line of S. tuberosum (2n=2x=24) showed two nucleolar chromosomes with differently sized satellites. The diploid SVP5 line (2n=2x=24) and tetraploidExpand
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Flow cytometric and karyological analysis of polysomaty and polyploidization during callus formation from leaf segments of various potato genotypes
SummaryFlow cytometry and karyological analysis were used to study polysomaty and polyploidization during the first 15 days of callus formation in leaf segments from shoot cultures andExpand
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Chromosome elimination and mutation in tetraploid somatic hybrids ofSolanum tuberosum andSolanum phureja
The hybridity of eleven somatic hybrids between a diploidS. tuberosum and a diploidS. phureja clone could be verified because the parent karyotypes differed in their C-banding patterns. The hybridsExpand
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Sister chromatid exchanges in cultured immature embryos of wheat species and regenerants
Immature embryos of Triticum aestivum (ten cultivars and lines), T. durum, T. dicoccum and T. monococcum were cultured in vitro on MS medium supplemented with 1 or 2 mg/l of 2,4-D and 20 or 30 g/l ofExpand
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