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Olfactory epithelium of marine fishes in scanning electron microscopy.
Differences in organization of the sensory epithelium in teleost fish species are seen in quantitative relationships of different receptor and secretory cells.
[Morphohistochemical analysis of secretory elements of the olfactory epithelium of marine fish].
Essential species-specific differences are revealed in distribution, combinations, size and amount of the secretory elements per one unit of the olfactory lining surface in fishes of various ecology and different systemic position.
Glands in the olfactory epithelium of marine fish
The structure, localization, and density of location of olfactory glands are determined by specific features of the ecology of the species and are most numerous in bottom and near-bottom representatives of marine ichthyofauna.
[Surface structure of the olfactory organ of marine teleosts].
By means of the electron scanning microscope, structure of the olfactory rosella has been investigated in 5 species of marine Teleostei. Among the species investigated variability in number and