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Effects of Electroosmotic Flow on Ionic Current Rectification in Conical Nanopores
The effects of electroosmotic flow (EOF) on the ionic current rectification (ICR) phenomenon in conical nanopores are studied comprehensively with use of a continuum model, composed of Nernst−PlanckExpand
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Effect of linear surface-charge non-uniformities on the electrokinetic ionic-current rectification in conical nanopores.
The electrokinetic ionic-current rectification in a conical nanopore with linearly varying surface-charge distributions is studied theoretically by using a continuum model composed of a coupledExpand
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Goethite surface reactivity: II. A microscopic site-density model that describes its surface area-normalized variability.
The model described in this investigation explains the variable macroscopic surface reactivity of different goethite preparations when adsorption data are normalized by surface area, especially theExpand
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The effect of stirring on the morphology of birnessite nanoparticles
The effect of mechanical stirring on the morphology of hexagonal layer-structure birnessite nanoparticles produced from decomposition of KMnO4 in dilute aqueous H2SO4 is investigated, withExpand
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Bio-silica coated with amorphous manganese oxide as an efficient catalyst for rapid degradation of organic pollutant.
A novel rapid green one-step method is developed for the preparation of bio-silica coated with amorphous MnO2 nanoparticles by treating bio-silica with an acidic permanganate solution. The methodExpand
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Ultrasensitive detection of mercury (II) ions using electrochemical surface plasmon resonance with magnetohydrodynamic convection.
A high-precision technique that can detect mercury (II) ions down to 1 fM concentration in aqueous solutions is introduced. The technique combines the conventional electrochemical method, surfaceExpand
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Uptake and effect of mercury on amino acid losses from the gills of the bivalve mollusks Mytilus californianus and Anodonta californiensis.
Inorganic mercury (Hg(2+)) and herbicides are important contaminants of world water systems with effects on aquatic organisms and humans. The uptake of Hg(2+) and glycine by the gills of the bivalveExpand
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A Novel Rapid One-Step Synthesis of Manganese Oxide Nanoparticles at Room Temperature Using Poly(dimethylsiloxane)
We report for the first time a novel rapid synthesis method for manganese oxide (MO) nanoparticles by a reaction between acidic permanganate and poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS). In contrast to theExpand
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Stripping analysis of mercury(II) ionic solutions under magneto-hydrodynamic convection.
Inorganic mercury(II) ions are ubiquitous contaminants of world water systems and thus their determination and removal from the environment are important. The effects of magnetic field on theExpand
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Synthesis and characterization of birnessite and cryptomelane nanostructures in presence of Hoffmeister anions
The effect of Hoffmeister anions Cl-, SO42-, and ClO4- on the structure and morphology of birnessite and cryptomelane-type manganese dioxide nanostructures, produced by the reduction reaction ofExpand
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