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Enhancing Calculus Learning Engineering Students Through Problem-Based Learning
Calculus is most important subject for science and engineering students but phenomenally it is abstract, difficult and highly boring. Underpinning with in constructivism theories, problem-basedExpand
Development of the Engineering Technology Word List for Vocational Schools in Malaysia
The increasing demand for specialised instruction or lexis for Non-Native English Speakers (NNES) in various disciplines has brought about extensive research of specialized vocabulary in academicExpand
Humanizing Mathematics Learning: Secondary Students Beliefs on Mathematics Teachers’ Teaching Efficacy
This study investigates the extent of humanizing mathematics among secondary mathematics teachers based on student's perception of their teachers’ practices in the classroom, specifically their beliefs about the classroom context such as the role and functioning of the mathematics teacher in the classrooms. Expand
Code Switching in Sepet: Unveiling Malaysians' communicative styles
Code-switching phenomenon can be said to be successful in bringing out the unique Malaysian communicative strategy in “Sepet”, a locally produced motion picture written and directed by the lateExpand
Simulation and Control of a Six Degree of Freedom Lower Limb Exoskeleton
In this paper, the development of controlling a six Degree of Freedom (DOF) Lower Limb Exoskeleton (LLE) model using the Robot Operating System (ROS) is presented. Moreover, this work proposes aExpand
Problem-based learning: engaging students in acquisition of mathematical competency
Abstract Previous research had discovered that students are trained to develop critical thinking, are adaptable to change, able to work independently, demonstrate effective communication skills andExpand
What they can see, they can write, right?
A teaching model based on the writing process approach and cooperative learning skills was implemented and it was conducted on a class of Business communication students for fifty-four hours of face-to-face interaction. Expand
Problem-based learning in calculus course: perception, engagement and performance
This study investigates student's perception about PBL approach in calculus, student's engagement during the acquisition of understanding of calculus and student's performance as a result of PBL learning experience. Expand
Outdoor-Based Education Camp: An Essential Tool to Promote Leadership Skills
This study seeks to examine if a three days two nights Outdoor-based Education Camp (OBEC)module designed with 8 leadership-basedactivities helps in developing undergraduates’ leadership skillExpand
Language acquisition is an amazing process which had always intrigued everyone. Children at a very young age have been able to learn words and then turn them into meaningful sentences. Linguists, ofExpand