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Exactly Solved Models in Statistical Mechanics
R J Baxter 1982 London: Academic xii + 486 pp price £43.60 Over the past few years there has been a growing belief that all the twodimensional lattice statistical models will eventually be solved andExpand
Statistical Mechanics: A Set of Lectures
R P Feynman London: W A Benjamin 1973 pp vii + 354 price cased £7.75 paperback £3.80 As might have been expected, Feynman's book on statistical mechanics is unconventional in both its presentationExpand
Scaling theory of the ordered phase of spin glasses
The ordered phase of short-range spin glasses is described in terms of the scaling behaviour associated with a zero-temperature fixed point. The main ingredient of the theory is the exponent y whichExpand
Field Theory, the Renormalisation Group, and Critical Phenomena
Daniel J Amit 1978 Maidenhead, Berks: McGraw-Hill xiv + 366 pp price £13.35 This monograph starts with a formulation of the problems of phase transitions and quantum field theory in terms ofExpand
Metastable states in spin glasses
The number of solutions of the equations of Thouless et al. (1977) is obtained as a function of temperature. The density of solutions with a given free energy is calculated for free energies greaterExpand
Replica theory of quantum spin glasses
The Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model, generalised to quantum spins, is discussed within an exact replica formalism and reduced to a (time-dependent) single-site problem. The existence of a phaseExpand
Lower critical dimension of Ising spin glasses: a numerical study
A transfer matrix method is used to study the variation with length scale L of the distribution PL(Jeff) of effective couplings in Ising spin glasses at zero temperature. For a gaussian initialExpand
Critical behaviour of semi-infinite systems
The critical behaviour of a semi-infinite system with O(n) spin symmetry is investigated using four techniques: (i) mean-field theory, (ii) exact solution for n= infinity , (iii) the epsilonExpand