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Glaciokarst landforms and processes of the southern Dinaric Alps
Glaciokarst is a landscape which combines karst features and hydrology as well as inherited glacial features. It is a result of glaciation upon a karst geomorphological system. The relationshipExpand
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Rock glaciers, protalus ramparts and pronival ramparts in the south-eastern Alps
Abstract Rock glaciers and protalus ramparts are characteristic landforms of the periglacial domain often used as markers for the occurrence of permafrost in mountain terrains. As such, relict rockExpand
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Permafrost conditions in the Mediterranean region since the Last Glaciation
The relatively warm climate conditions prevailing today in the Mediterranean region limit cold geomorphological processes only to the highest mountain environments. However, climate variabilityExpand
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Late Holocene evolution of glaciers in the southeastern Alps
ABSTRACT The Julian Alps (in the southeastern European Alps, Italy and Slovenia) represent an important case study area for the study of small and very small maritime glaciers. High mean annualExpand
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Reconstruction of Late Pleistocene glaciers on Mount Lovćen, Montenegro
Abstract The study of Pleistocene glaciations in the Dinaric Alps began at the end of the 19th century. Since then, the interpretation of glaciation in this area has not seen much study until theExpand
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First 36Cl cosmogenic moraine geochronology of the Dinaric mountain karst: Velež and Crvanj Mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Abstract This article presents the first attempt to date moraines in the Dinaric mountain karst using cosmogenic 36Cl surface exposure dating technique. Twenty samples were collected from moraineExpand
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Evolution of a karst polje influenced by glaciation: The Gomance piedmont polje (northern Dinaric Alps)
Abstract Gomance is a piedmont karst polje in the northern Dinaric Alps presenting geomorphological and sedimentological evidence of past glaciation. During the Pleistocene the polje was situated atExpand
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Glaciokarst geomorphology of the Northern Dinaric Alps: Snežnik (Slovenia) and Gorski Kotar (Croatia)
ABSTRACT Snežnik and Gorski Kotar are mountainous areas in the Northern Dinaric Alps. We investigated this remote and densely forested area on the border between Slovenia and Croatia between 2011 andExpand
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Geomorphology of Blidinje, Dinaric Alps (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Blidinje is tectonically derived lowland in the Dinaric Alps within Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is surrounded by Vran, Cvrsnica and Cabulja Mountains. The Blidinje study area is predominantly built ofExpand
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Traces of Pleistocene glaciation on Trnovski gozd
Trnovski gozd is a high karst plateau situated in the Dinaric Mountains of western Slovenia which was modified by glacial action in the Pleistocene. With our research we concluded that slopes withExpand
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