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Ongonite from Ongon Khairkhan, Mongolia
SummaryAlbite-topaz kerotophyres, termed ongonites, were discovered byV. I. Kovalenko and coworkers at Ongon Khairkhan in Mongolia in 1970. The type area was revisited, described, resampled, the newExpand
Petrophysical and geochemical characteristics of late Variscan granites in the Karlovy Vary Massif (Czech Republic) - implications for gravity and magnetic interpretation in shallow depths
* �Correspondingauthor The Karlovy Vary Massif (KVM) in northern Bohemia is a composite granite body built up of Late Variscan biotite, two-mica and lithium mica granites. We summarize the availableExpand
Petrology and geochemistry of Variscan dykes from the Jachymov (Joachimsthal) ore district, Czech Republic
1 Department of Petrology and Structural Geology, Charles University, Albertov 6, 128 43 Prague 2, Czech Republic; stemprok@natur.cuni.cz 2 Institute of Mineralogy, TU Bergakademie, 09596 Freiberg,Expand
The petrogenesis of a wolframite-bearing greisen in the Vykmanov granite stock, Western Krušné hory pluton (Czech Republic)
A wolframite-bearing greisen at Vykmanov, near Ostrov (Czech Republic) occurs at the contact of a small granite stock belonging to the Late Variscan Younger Intrusive Complex (YIC) of the WesternExpand
Geological interpretation of gravity profiles through the Karlovy Vary granite massif (Czech Republic)
We examined the shape of the Late Variscan Karlovy Vary granite massif located south of the Ohre/Eger graben in Northern Bohemia by reinterpretation of existing gravity data on two perpendicularExpand
Ore solution chemistry; [Part] 2, Solubility of HgS in sulfide solutions
The solubility of cinnabar (red HgS) has been measured in aqueous sulfide solutions under varying conditions: up to 2.5 molal HS (super -) , pH 3.5 to 7.8; 25 to 200 degrees C; and 4 to 140 atm.Expand
Petrology, geochemistry and zircon age for redwitzite at Abertamy, NW Bohemian Massif (Czech Republic): tracing the mantle component in Late Variscan intrusions
A small body of mafic texturally and compositionally varied igneous intrusive rocks corresponding to redwitzites occurs at Abertamy in the Western pluton of the Krusnehory/Erzgebirge graniteExpand
Tantalum mineralization in the apical part of the Cínovec (Zinnwald) granite stock
SummaryGranite-hosted tantalum mineralization was studied in the apical part of the Cínovec (Zinnwald) granite stock (eastern Krušné hory, Czech Republic). Samples of granite and greisen from drillExpand