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Stimulation of gonadotrophin secretion with the pregnancy inhibitor D-6-methyl-8-cyanomethylergoline (I).
Ovarian weight in rats administered physiological saline .5 mg D-6-methyl-8-cyanomethylergoline (6605 VUFB) or 1 mg 6605 VUFB by gavage daily Days 1 to 12 (Day 1 = unilateral ovariectomy) increasedExpand
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Toxicity of 6-azauridine triacetate.
Abstract The acute and chronic toxicity of 6-azauridine 2′,3′,5′ triacetate was studied and compared to the parent drug, 6-azauridine. In rats the LD50 (12.0 g/kg) corresponded in molar ratio to theExpand
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Steroid derivatives XXXIV. On the progestational activity of 6-dehydro-16-methylene-17α-acetoxyprogesterone
Abstract By a modified Clauberg assay, 6-dehydro-17α-acetoxyprogesterone, 16-methylene-17α-acetoxyprogesterone, and 6-dehydro-16-methylene-17α-acetpxyprogesterone (DMAP) were found to be 1.5, 2.5,Expand
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Block of ovarian compensatory hypertrophy by progestational steroids.
From the experiments with peroral and subcutaneous administration of progestins a 100% inhibition of hypertrophy of the remaining ovary after unilateral ovariectomy was calculated to be produced by aExpand
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Kontrollierte Beatmung auf pädiatrischen Intensivstationen in der Tschechischen Republik
OBJECTIVE: The aims of this study were to evaluate the incidence of mechanically ventilated children in participating units, to find out the demographic data of the patients, to evaluate ventilatorExpand
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