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Cyclic Agree
The system characterizes two classes of derivations corresponding empirically to direct and inverse contexts, and predicts the existence and nature of repair strategies in the latter.
Person Licensing and the Derivation of PCC Effects
1. The Person Case Constraint The Person-Case Constraint (PCC) is a universal condition on the distribution of marked person features in certain configurations. First thoroughly investigated by Bonet
The Fine Structure of Cyclic Agree
An implementation of cyclicity through a natural economy condition, the Earliness Principle, which requires a feature to be eliminated as early as possible is argued, based on the construal of Case as a functional category introduced by Agree.
Evolution of the karyotype and sex chromosome systems in basal clades of araneomorph spiders (Araneae: Araneomorphae)
The remarkable karyotype and sex chromosome system diversity allows us to distinguish four evolutionary lineages of basal araneomorphs and hypothesize about the ancestral karyotypes of araneomorphic spiders.
Phi-features and the Modular Architecture of Language
Acknowledgments.-Conventions and glosses.-Preface.-1 Modularity, phi-features, and repairs.-1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Modular architectures.1.3 Phi-features across modules.1.4 Repairs at the interface.-2
Elements of Cyclic Syntax: Agree and Merge (2004)
This thesis explores the dependency-forming featural operation Agree and its interaction with the structure-building operation Merge in the local, derivational framework of Chomsky (2000). Chapter II
The syntax of eccentric agreement: the Person Case Constraint and absolutive displacement in Basque
This article explores a syntactic approach to the Person Case Constraint, a ban on 1st/2nd person agreement caused by a dative. The approach proposes that the constraint is due to the interference in
The structural ergative of Basque and the theory of Case
We investigate the nature of morphological ergativity through the ergative/split-S system of Basque. We show that in Basque ergative case and agreement reflect structural rather than inherent Case:
Red List of Czech spiders: 3rd edition, adjusted according to evidence-based national conservation priorities
It is confirmed that spiders are a highly threatened group of arthropods in the Czech Republic, and the updated Red List provides an important foundation for defining conservation priorities.