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SoilTemp: a global database of near-surface temperature.
Current analyses and predictions of spatially-explicit patterns and processes in ecology most often rely on climate data interpolated from standardized weather stations. This interpolated climateExpand
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Diversity of beech forest vegetation in the Eastern Alps,Bohemian Massif and the Western Carpathians
This study compares species composition, local species richness, beta diversity and species pool of beech-dominated forests in three main mountain systems in central Europe. We used a recentlyExpand
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Overstorey dynamics controls plant diversity in age-class temperate forests
Abstract Forest management is widely considered to have an impact on the understorey plant diversity, which is essential for sustainable forestry and nature conservation. However, contradictionsExpand
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Habitat preferences of Hericium erinaceus in Slovakia
Distribution patterns, ecology and habitats of Hericium erinaceus in Slovakia are presented, together with an indication of its population size and dynamics as driven by the type of substratum theExpand
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Primary forest distribution and representation in a Central European landscape: Results of a large-scale field-based census
Abstract Given the global intensification of forest management and climate change, protecting and studying forests that develop free of direct human intervention—also known as primary forests—areExpand
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Spatial structure of traditional land organization allows long-term persistence of large Formica exsecta supercolony in actively managed agricultural landscape
Semi-natural linear habitats such as field and meadow margins are often crucial in maintaining insect diversity and species distributions in agricultural landscapes. While many ant species areExpand
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Harvestmen (Opiliones) communities in an arboretum: Influence of tree species
Abstract Although harvestmen (Opiliones) are among the best studied groups of arachnids in Europe from the faunistic point of view, there is still lack of available information on ecologicalExpand
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Spider (Araneae) and harvestman (Opiliones) communities are structured by the ecosystem engineering of burrowing mammals
Burrowing mammals through their digging activities are important ecosystem engineers and bioturbators in grassland ecosystems. Through habitat formation, they can have significant effects on otherExpand
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Molluscan Diversity in Stream Driftwood: Relation to Land Use and River Section
ABSTRACT In stream corridors, driftwood represents mainly a dead vegetation biomass and diverse artificial material relocated along a stream by flooding. Most driftwood can contain empty molluscanExpand
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Fruitbody production of Hericium erinaceus and its distribution in Slovakia.
The relationships between selected log parameters and occurrence of Hericium erinaceus fruitbodies as well as its phenological aspects and distribution in Slovakia were studied for the first time.Expand