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Numerical simulation of the pile integrity test on defected piles
This paper deals with the development of a discrete numerical 2D and 3D solid pile model with a discontinuity and defects to simulate non-destructive testing using the pile integrity test (PIT). The
Iterative displacement coefficient method: mathematical formulation and numerical analyses
The mathematical formulation and numerical tests of the originally developed Iterative Displacement Coefficient Method (IDCM) are presented and the method is implemented in the computer code Nonlin Quake TD.
Pile integrity and load testing: Methodology and classification
Fundiranje objekata na šipovima deo je kompleksne geotehničke problematike koja se u poslednjih nekoliko decenija intenzivno razvija u saradanji s drugim naučnim disciplinama na poljima:
An overview of modern seismic analyses with different ways of damping introduction
Damping has been systematized based on the way it was introduced into calculations, i.e. over material damping, link element damping and damping directly introduced into the analyses which are conducted in capacitive, time and frequency domains and the aspects of damping modelling in structural analysis are presented.
Performance analysis of damaged buildings applying scenario of related non-linear analyses and damage coefficient
The paper deals with methodology developed and presented for analyzing the damage on structures exposed to accidental and seismic actions. The procedure is based on non-linear numerical analysis,
The purpose of this paper is to present the methodology for performance-based seismic evaluation of soil-pile-bridge pier interaction using the incremental nonlinear dynamic analysis (INDA). The
Seismic performances of the structures at variation of artificial accelerograms
The impact of changes to artificial-accelerogram parameters on the seismic performance of structures is examined in this paper. The seismic response and seismic damage are analysed in this respect.
Economic Impacts of the Reversible Traffic Lane System in Urban Areas
Sustav dinamicke izmjene usmjerenja prometnih trakova u urbanim podrucjima, kao jedan od nacina regulacije prometa, implementira se radi uspostave kvalitetnijeg odnosa između prometne ponude i
Model of Probabilistic Analysis of Pile Capacity Based on the Extrapolation of Load-Settlement Curves
This paper formulates a mathematical model using the extrapolation of load-settlement curves with a rational function for analyzing the capacity of piles obtained from the static load test (SLT). In