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Exposure Time Related Oxidative Action of Hyperbaric Oxygen in Rat Brain
The results of this study suggest that HBO induced oxidative effects are strongly related with exposure time.
The effect of alpha-lipoic acid in the prevention of peritoneal adhesions.
It can be concluded from the findings of this study that alpha-lipoic acid decreased the development of adhesions in a peritoneal adhesion model and increased the quality of healing.
The oxidative effect of HBO exposure declines to physiological levels within 90 min at most for erythrocytes and in lung tissue in rats, and further studies should focus on the molecular mechanisms that can be activated during this time interval.
Comparative Study of Fatty Acids Profile of Wild Mushroom Species from Turkey
A comparative study was enhanced on the fatty acids profile of wild mushroom species; namely, Armillaria tabescens, Leucopaxillus gentianeus, Pleurotus eryngii and Suillus granulatus growing in
Antimicrobial effects of bis(Δ2-2-imidazolinyl)-5,5′-dioxime and its mono- and tri-nuclear complexes
Bis(Δ2-2-imidazolinyl)-5,5′-dioxime (H2L) and its nickel, cobalt, zinc, cadmium and mercury complexes have been prepared and tested in vitro against different microorganisms in order to assess their
Solvent Extraction of Fe3+ Cation by 25,26,27,28- Tetraisonitrosoaceto Calix [4] Arene and Based Ligands
25,26,27,28-Tetraisonitrosoaceto calix[4]arene [L8] was synthesized by reacting 25,26,27,28-tetraacetyl calix[4]arene [L7] with n-butyl nitrite. The synthesized compounds [L7, L8] and based ligands
Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity of Armillaria tabescens, Leucopaxillus gentianeus and Suillus granulatus: The mushroom Species from Anatolia
The antioxidant activity of extracts of Armillaria tabescens , Leucopaxillus gentianeus and Suillus granulatus were determined for the first time by using five complementary tests; namely,
The Effect of Think-Explain-Apply Teaching Method on the Success of Learning- Teaching: A Laboratory Study
The purpose of the present laboratory study is to make it possible to internalize the concepts, principles, theories and the laws of chemistry taught in the courses by observing the experiments, give