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Host-parasite relatedness shown by protein fingerprinting in a brood parasitic bird.
Brood parasitism as an alternative female breeding tactic is particularly common in ducks, where hosts often receive eggs laid by parasitic females of the same species and raise their offspring.Expand
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Conspecific brood parasitism occurs in many birds and some insects, fishes, and amphibians. Here, we develop and test a novel molecular technique for ecological analysis, protein fingerprinting (PF),Expand
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Brood parasitism: Female ducks can double their reproduction
By engaging in extra-pair matings, the most successful males in some bird species can father twice as many young as are present in their own nest. Here we describe a female parallel in goldeneyeExpand
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Do Field Observers Attract Nest Predators and Influence Nesting Success of Common Eiders
Les mouettes (et non les corbeaux) sont un peu attirees par l'agitation au sein des Somateria mollissima en couvaison provoquee par des observateurs humains. La predation apres cette agitation est unExpand
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Are Indices Reliable for Assessing Conservation Value of Natural Areas? An Avian Case Study
Abstract Bird censuses in two wetland habitats (bogs and wet meadows) in SW Sweden were used to test the applicability of five conservation indices suggested for birds. The censused sites were firstExpand
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Predation of artificial and real arctic loon nests in Sweden
We examined whether artificial arctic loon (Gavia arctica) nests could be used to estimate predation rates on real unattended nests. In 1983 and 1984, only 3 (9%) of 34 artificial nests were preyedExpand
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Nesting Ecology and Management of the Arctic Loon in Sweden
Afin d'evaluer l'efficacite des mesures de protection developpees en Suede pour soustraire les plongeons arctiques au derangement d'origine humaine,l'auteur a etudie la nidification du plongeon dansExpand
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Hunger affects dominance among strangers in house sparrows
Many studies in game theory have dealt with the possible effects of motivational asymmetries on social behaviour (e.g. Maynard Smith 1982). Some of the predictions have also been tested in the fieldExpand
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Gull predation on eider ducklings Somateria mollissima: Effects of human disturbance
Abstract Gull predation on eider ducklings Somateria mollissima in an archipelago on the Swedish west coast is described. Both gull encounter rate and gull predation rate were 200–300 times higher onExpand
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