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Metagenome of a Microbial Community Inhabiting a Metal-Rich Tropical Stream Sediment
Here, we describe the metagenome and functional composition of a microbial community in a historically metal-contaminated tropical freshwater stream sediment. The sediment was collected from the MinaExpand
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Seasonality of freshwater bacterioplankton diversity in two tropical shallow lakes from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest
ABSTRACT Bacteria are highly important for the cycling of organic and inorganic matter in freshwater environments; however, little is known about the diversity of bacterioplankton in tropicalExpand
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Novel arsenic-transforming bacteria and the diversity of their arsenic-related genes and enzymes arising from arsenic-polluted freshwater sediment
Bacteria are essential in arsenic cycling. However, few studies have addressed 16S rRNA and arsenic-related functional gene diversity in long-term arsenic-contaminated tropical sediment. Here, usingExpand
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The Microbiota and Abundance of the Class 1 Integron-Integrase Gene in Tropical Sewage Treatment Plant Influent and Activated Sludge
Bacteria are assumed to efficiently remove organic pollutants from sewage in sewage treatment plants, where antibiotic-resistance genes can move between species via mobile genetic elements known asExpand
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Metagenomic signatures of a tropical mining-impacted stream reveal complex microbial and metabolic networks.
Bacteria from aquatic ecosystems significantly contribute to biogeochemical cycles, but details of their community structure in tropical mining-impacted environments remain unexplored. In this study,Expand
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The influence of human settlement on the distribution and diversity of iron-oxidizing bacteria belonging to the Gallionellaceae in tropical streams
Among the neutrophilic iron-oxidizing bacteria (FeOB), Gallionella is one of the most abundant genera in freshwater environments. By applying qPCR and DGGE based on 16S rRNA gene-directed primersExpand
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Leprous lesion presents enrichment of opportunistic pathogenic bacteria
Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease that remains a major challenge to public health in endemic countries. Increasing evidence has highlighted the importance of microbiota for human general healthExpand
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Linking shifts in bacterial community with changes in dissolved organic matter pool in a tropical lake.
Bacterioplankton communities have a pivotal role in the global carbon cycle. Still the interaction between microbial community and dissolved organic matter (DOM) in freshwater ecosystems remainsExpand
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The effect of human settlement on the abundance and community structure of ammonia oxidizers in tropical stream sediments
Ammonia-oxidizing archaea (AOA) and ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) are a diverse and functionally important group in the nitrogen cycle. Nevertheless, AOA and AOB communities driving this processExpand
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Environmental diversity of bacteria in a warm monomictic tropical freshwater lake
The phylogenetic diversity of freshwater bacteria, particularly in tropical lakes, has not been thoroughly investigated. Here, we employed a cloning- and sequencing-based analysis of the 16S rRNAExpand
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