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Molecular cloning, expression and immunolocalization of a novel human cementum-derived protein (CP-23).
Cementum is a unique mineralized connective tissue that covers the root surfaces of the teeth. The cementum is critical for appropriate maturation of the periodontium, both during development as wellExpand
Conductive PANi/PEGDA macroporous hydrogels for nerve regeneration.
Only recently polymers with intrinsic conductive properties have been studied in relation to their incorporation into bioactive scaffolds for use in tissue engineering. The reason for this interestExpand
Optimizing PANi doped electroactive substrates as patches for the regeneration of cardiac muscle
In scaffold aided regeneration of muscular tissue, composite materials are currently utilized as a temporary substrate to stimulate tissue formation by controlled electrochemical signals as well asExpand
Human Cementum Protein 1 induces expression of bone and cementum proteins by human gingival fibroblasts.
We recently presented evidence showing that a human cementoblastoma-derived protein, named Cementum Protein 1 (CEMP1) may play a role as a local regulator of cementoblast differentiation andExpand
Correlation between oxidative Stress and Alteration of Intracellular Calcium Handling in Isoproterenol-Induced Myocardial Infarction
Myocardial Ca2+ overload and oxidative stress are well documented effects associated to isoproterenol (ISO)-induced myocardial necrosis, but information correlating these two issues is scarce. UsingExpand
Immunolocalization of a Human Cementoblastoma-conditioned Medium-derived Protein
Little is known about the molecular mechanisms that regulate the cementogenesis process, because specific cementum markers are not yet available. To investigate whether a cementoblastoma-conditionedExpand
Optimization of fully aligned bioactive electrospun fibers for “in vitro” nerve guidance
Complex architecture of natural tissues such as nerves requires the use of multifunctional scaffolds with peculiar topological and biochemical signals able to address cell behavior towards specificExpand
Human cementum tumor cells have different features from human osteoblastic cells in vitro.
Cells obtained from human cementoblastoma and alveolar bone were isolated and cultured. Initial and late stages of mineralization were assessed by using atomic force microscopy, scanning electronExpand
hMSC interaction with PCL and PCL/gelatin platforms: A comparative study on films and electrospun membranes
Polycaprolactone (PCL) and PCL/gelatin membranes and films were fabricated by electrospinning and solvent casting. A systematic analysis of the morphology evolution, as degradation occurred, was madeExpand
Polycaprolactone- and polycaprolactone/ceramic-based 3D-bioplotted porous scaffolds for bone regeneration: A comparative study.
One of the critical challenges that scaffolding faces in the organ and tissue regeneration field lies in mimicking the structure, and the chemical and biological properties of natural tissue. AExpand