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Study of pollen brush in selected species of Astragalus L. subgenus Pogonophace Bunge (Leguminosae)
Abstract.The styles of four species within Astragalus subgenus Pogonophace (Leguminosae) were investigated under the scanning electron microscope (SEM): A. hoantchy Franch., A. complanatus Bunge, A.Expand
Pollen brush of Astragalus L. subgenus Pogonophace Bunge (Leguminosae) and its systematic significance
The style morphologies of Astragalus subgenus Pogonophace (Leguminosae) were examined and it was found that in most species, there are erect and upwardly pointed trichomes on the style, which means that the pollen brush is likely to be a synapomorphy of Pogonphace and Coluteinae. Expand