M van Durme

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We distinguish two main categories in the speech decoding strategies: those based on feature extraction and those based on time information of the filtered incoming signal. In the first group only those electrode pairs corresponding to the localisation of the four or more, maximum spectral peaks or the formants of the speech signal are stimulated. The(More)
A speech processor for simulation of preprocessed speech in cochlear implantation has been developed. An acoustic simulation of spectrally reduced speech was presented to 169 normally hearing subjects. Several perceptual tests with 9 different filter conditions were carried out. The intelligibility of sentences and the discrimination of phonemes in nonsense(More)
In order to find the best stimulus parameters for the processing of a speech signal for cochlear implant applications, a speech processor was developed. The information which can be transmitted by means of an eight channel implant is simulated. The results indicate that identification and forced choice discrimination of (CV) and (VC) syllables is possible.(More)
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