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Advanced prostate cancers are known to acquire not only invasive capabilities but also significant resistance to chemotherapy-induced apoptosis. To understand how microRNAs (miRNAs) may contribute to prostate cancer resistance to apoptosis, we compared microRNA expression profiles of a benign prostate cancer cell line WPE1-NA22 and a highly malignant(More)
We have established an IL-2 independent malignant lymphoma line (CM-1) from peripheral T lymphocytes donated by a female patient with nervous system disease, the biological characteristics of CM-1 cells was studied in this paper. Another T lymphocytes, such as peripheral T lymphocytes donated by a male patient with multiple sclerosis, could be transformed(More)
Hemoglobin of the Gram-negative bacterium Vitreoscilla can bind oxygen strongly and reduce the oxygen requirement of the bacterium. A recombinant plasmid pAV was constructed by inserting the hemoglobin gene (Vgb) to the downstream of the promoter of beta-lactase gene of the B. subtilis plasmid pAK4. The plasmid pAV was transferred into strain DB104, G331 (a(More)
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