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AMERICAN FAMILY PHYSICIAN 729 adults. 1 The lesions tend to appear most often on the trunk and extremities and can be up to several millimeters in diameter. They are round, bright to dark red, nonblanching vascular papules (Figure 4). Cherry angiomas first occur in early adulthood and increase in number with age. They are asymptomatic and have no reported(More)
Web-based geographic information systems related research and its applications have been making rapid progress. Computers with fast processing units and large amounts of memory allow for practical applications of time consuming and resource intensive algorithms, both for spatial analysis as well as visualization of large-volume data such as high resolution(More)
Pollution detection, environment sensing and appropriate response strategies are important due to the marine ecosystemspsila continuous absorption of pollutants of various origins. Several approaches and techniques of measurements are available for marine environment monitoring including direct sampling, airborne and satellite imagery and underwater(More)
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