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This article is a review of the approaches published between 1996 and 1999 that have been used to forecast human resource requirements for nursing. Much of the work to date generally does not consider the complex factors that influence health human resources (HHR). They also do not consider the effect of HHR decisions on population health, provider outcomes(More)
Parallel to the shortage of clinical nurses is the diminishing pool of nurses who aspire to leadership roles in healthcare. The authors of this paper report on the evaluation of an intervention administered to a group of Canadian nurses designed to assist participants to value leadership and to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes required for effective(More)
This work implements a Web-based Geographic Information System (Web GIS) for an existing oil spill monitoring and forecasting service, developed in the framework of the MARCOAST project. This is achieved by remotely presenting the results of the oil spill forecasting module via a dedicated Web GIS, which allows authenticated end users to view the simulation(More)
The World Health Assembly approved resolution WHA45.5 in 1992. This paper reports the findings of an evaluation of the implementation of this resolution using a survey technique. A total of 150 WHO Member States responded, for a 79% response rate. Findings suggest that the greatest strides worldwide have been made in education. While the data show that(More)
Web-based geographic information systems related research and its applications have been making rapid progress. Computers with fast processing units and large amounts of memory allow for practical applications of time consuming and resource intensive algorithms, both for spatial analysis as well as visualization of large-volume data such as high resolution(More)
Pollution detection, environment sensing and appropriate response strategies are important due to the marine ecosystemspsila continuous absorption of pollutants of various origins. Several approaches and techniques of measurements are available for marine environment monitoring including direct sampling, airborne and satellite imagery and underwater(More)
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