M'hammed Mahboubi

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The HGL-50 locality, situated on the Glib Zegdou outlier in the Gour Lazib of Algeria (Hammada du Dra), is famous for having yielded several dental remains of primates dating from the late Early to the early Middle Eocene. These primates include Algeripithecus minutus, Azibius trerki and a new species of cf. Azibius (not described yet). Algeripithecus was(More)
The bird fossil record is globally scarce in Africa. The early Tertiary evolution of terrestrial birds is virtually unknown in that continent. Here, we report on a femur of a large terrestrial new genus discovered from the early or early middle Eocene (between ∼52 and 46 Ma) of south-western Algeria. This femur shows all the morphological features of the(More)
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