M'hamed Khelif

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Recent developments on medical imaging techniques have brought a completely new research field on image processing. The principal aim is to improve medical diagnosis through segmented images. Techniques have been developed to help for identifying specific structures within a magnetic resonance image: MRI. The active contour methods, these methods are(More)
A new measure of quality is proposed for evaluating the performance of geometrical active segmentation based on level-set method's. The technique is intended for the evaluation of the segmented image and features objective assessment of discrepancy with the theoretical contours, in tandem with subjective visual evaluation using F-measure criteria. The(More)
In this paper we present electromagnetic (EM) analysis of the unloaded slotted-tube resonator (STR) with a circular cross section, using the finite element method (FEM) and method of moments (MoM) in two dimensions. This analysis allows the determination of the primary parameters: [L] and [C] matrices, optimization of the field homogeneity, and simulates(More)
In this paper, we have successfully realized a numerical tool to analyse and to design an n-element unloaded coaxial line transverse electromagnetic (TEM) resonator. This numerical tool allows the determination of the primary parameters, matrices [L], [C] and [R], and simulates the frequency response of S11 at the RF port of the designed TEM resonator. The(More)
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