M'hamed Frad

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In order to obtain accurate position estimation, it is imperative that the SPIDAR, a haptic interface device, is properly calibrated. The driving idea of this work is to derive easy-to-use calibration algorithms that can be used to calibrate our haptic device and to add therefore adaptability to the system behavior. We make use of regression methods and we(More)
We present an optical-haptic tracking system suitable for augmented and virtual reality applications. The paper addresses tow issues of such system. The first one concerns the calibration method that can be used to calibrate the force feedback device: SPIDAR. The second contribution is about the development of a hybrid tracking system. The proposed(More)
In this research, a simple, yet, efficient calibration procedure is presented in order to improve the accuracy of the Scalable-SPIDAR haptic device. The two-stage procedure aims to reduce discrepancies between measured and actual values. First, we propose a new semi-automatic procedure for the initialization of the haptic device. To perform this(More)
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