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This paper introduces the use of the complex apparent power signature analysis as a tool for the diagnostics of mixed airgap eccentricity condition in operating three-phase squirrel cage induction motors. Firstly, a modelling and simulation study concerning the occurrence of airgap eccentricity in three-phase induction motors is presented. For that purpose,(More)
In this paper, the instantaneous active and reactive power signature analyses are presented for stator fault diagnosis in operating squirrel cage three-phase induction motors either directly connected to the mains or fed from inverters. Both simulation and experimental results are presented to show the effectiveness and the merits of the proposed approach(More)
During the month of Ramadan 1417H we studied 14 patients all transplanted with live related kidneys. All the patients were transplanted between one and seven months before the month of Ramadan. All the patients were on azathioprine and prednisolone and the mean plasma creatinine level was 95 +/- 15 micromol/L. They all completed fasting the month of Ramadan(More)