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The aim of the present study is the evaluation of the effects of the acid drainage of three abandoned mining sites: SB-Othmane, Kettara and Draâ-sfar, on water and sediment quality of the Tensift River and its two temporary tributaries, the Kettara and El-Coudia Oueds. These mining sites located near Marrakesh contain mining residues abandoned for ten to(More)
Four soil samples highly contaminated with metals of urban and mine origin (SE1, SE2, SM1, SM2) and having different physico-chemical proprieties were selected to study copper complexation capacity (LT) of soil solution. The effect of Lumbricus terrestris on copper complexation capacity of soil solution was investigated on SE1 and SE2. The complexation(More)
Evaluation of the effect of earthworm Lumbricus terrestris on the speciation of copper and cadmium was carried out on two types of soils with a high metallic contamination due to municipal wastes spreading. The concentrations of total dissolved metals were higher in the soil containing earthworms. This increase was larger for the soil submitted to(More)
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