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The effects of a dose of beclomethasone inhaler (50 micrograms) or lidocaine 10% spray on postoperative sore throat were studied in 120 patients undergoing tracheal intubation for elective surgical procedures. Fifty-four patients (90%) in the beclomethasone group scored no postoperative sore throat compared with 27 (45%) in the lidocaine group (P < 0.001).(More)
The incidence of cardiac dysrhythmias was investigated in 60 patients undergoing dental operations under halothane anaesthesia following either hyoscine, glycopyrrolate or placebo as a supplement to nalbuphine for premedication. Forty-five percent of the patients given 6 micrograms/kg hyoscine exhibited cardiac dysrhythmias compared to 25 percent of the(More)
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