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The outer hair cell (OHC) from the organ of Corti plays a crucial role in hearing through its unique voltage-dependent mechanical responses. Furosemide, one of the loop diuretics, disrupts normal cochlear function. Here we report on direct effects of furosemide on OHC motility-related, voltage-dependent capacitance using the whole-cell patch-clamp(More)
Stem cells were characterized by their stemness: self-renewal and pluripotency. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are a unique type of adult stem cells that have been proven to be involved in tissue repair, immunoloregulation and tumorigenesis. Irradiation is a well-known factor that leads to functional obstacle in stem cells. However, the mechanism of stemness(More)
The outer hair cell (OHC) from the mammalian organ of Corti possesses a bell-shaped voltage-dependent capacitance function. The nonlinear capacitance reflects the activity of membrane bound voltage sensors associated with membrane motors that control OHC length. We have studied the effects of the lipophilic ions, tetraphenylborate (TPB-) and(More)
The mammalian outer hair cell (OHC) functions not only as sensory receptor, but also as mechanical effector; this unique union is believed to enhance our ability to discriminate among acoustic frequencies, especially in the kilohertz range. An electrical technique designed to isolate restricted portions of the plasma membrane was used to map the(More)
Many reports have shown that autophagy has a role as both a promoter and inhibitor in tumor development. However, the mechanism of this paradox is unknown. Tumor development is a multistep process. Therefore, we investigated whether the role of autophagy in hepatocarcinoma formation depended on the stage of tumor development. Based on our results, autophagy(More)
Two viral pathogens, namely, porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) and foot and mouth disease virus (FMDV), were selected as models for multiple pathogen detection in a cDNA microarray. Two signature regions selected from ORF2 (around 500 bp) and ORF5 (around 600 bp) of PRRVS (America serotype), and one signature region from structural(More)
Outer hair cells from the mamma*lian cochlea are mechanically active cells that rely on charged voltage sensors within their lateral plasma membrane to gate the integral membrane motor protein, prestin, into one of two area states. Here we use protein and lipid reactive reagents to probe the influence of these bilayer components on motor-induced nonlinear(More)
We report our experimental results for linear analog optical links that use phase or frequency modulation and optical discrimination. The discriminators are based on two architectures: a cascaded MZI FIR lattice filter and a ring assisted MZI (RAMZI) IIR filter. For both types of discriminators, we demonstrate > 6 dB improvement in the link's third-order(More)
Work in the Microwave Spectroscopy Laboratory may be characterized as both pure and applied paramagnetics. We have been interested in the properties of paramagnetic materials, gases, liquids, and solids, and in the application of paramagnetic materials in quantum-mechanical or paramagnetic amplifiers. In general, the work involves an understanding of, and(More)
Measurements of the dependence of the paramagnetic resonance linewidth in ruby have been carried out. These measurements are interesting in that they are made absolute by comparing the resonant susceptibility of the ruby with the resonant susceptibility of molecular oxygen, which can be precisely computed. By this means, the concentration of chromium ions(More)
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