M. and Farah Ansaldi

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Natural genetic competence in Bacillus subtilis is controlled by quorum-sensing (QS). The ComP- ComA two-component system detects the signalling molecule ComX, and this signal is transduced by a conserved phosphotransfer mechanism. ComX is synthesized as an inactive precursor and is then cleaved and modified by ComQ before export to the extracellular(More)
The analysis of fault-induced transients can provide extensive information about the fault type, detection, location, direction, and sustained time. Voltages and currents with fault-induced transients can be properly analyzed by using the wavelet transform. However, the effectiveness of the wavelet analysis is largely influenced by the choice of the mother(More)
The genomic sequences of 20 Leishmania infantum isolates collected in northeastern Brazil were compared with each other and with the available genomic sequences of 29 L. infantum/donovani isolates from Nepal and Turkey. The Brazilian isolates were obtained in the early 1990s or since 2009 from patients with visceral or non-ulcerating cutaneous(More)
We performed a longitudinal study of a cohort of 74 children with congenital hypothyroidism (CH) detected by neonatal screening (Buenos Aires Province, Argentina) up to the age of 3 years old, in order to study linear growth and the relationship with the severity of CH at diagnosis. The mean age at diagnosis and the start of the treatment was 16.9 +/- 5.2(More)
The state of Massachusetts enacted the Toxic Use Reduction Act (TURA) in 1989. The law requires that users of toxic chemicals evaluate and plan for pollution prevention. Data indicate that shipment of toxic chemicals as product have been reduced by over 30 % and that releases of toxics have declined over 80% during the first ten years of reporting. Analysis(More)
The competence quorum-sensing system of Bacillus subtilis consists of two-component regulatory proteins, ComP (histidine kinase) and the response regulator, ComA, an extracellular pheromone (ComX), and a protein that is needed for the proteolytic cleavage and modification of pre-ComX (ComQ). ComQ and pre-ComX are both necessary and sufficient for the(More)
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