M. Zh. Sukhanova

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The heat-shock response was studied in Drosophila virilis strains with normal and impaired neurohormonal stress reaction. Flies from the latter strain were shown to have the impaired heat-shock response. In this strain, transcription of the heat shock gene hsp83 is reduced and synthesis of all heat shock proteins is suppressed. The neurohormonal stress(More)
In a normal environment, both ecdysteroids and the juvenile hormone are known to control reproduction in Drosophila . These hormones normally initiate the synthesis of vitelline proteins in the fat body immediately after emergence and sustain it at a certain level in fertilized flies, and regulate the absorption of vitelline proteins by oocytes [1–4].(More)
The effect of heat stress (38°C) on the content of octopamine (OA) and 20-hydroxyecdysone (20HE) was studied under normal and stressful conditions in adult flies of Drosophila virilislines contrasting in the level of the juvenile hormone (JH). The wild-type flies (line 101) exhibited a pronounced sex dimorphism for the content of both OA and 20HE, which was(More)
In Drosophila , the ovary has been shown to be composed of ovarioles, parallel structures that contain developing egg chambers originating from the germline cells and somatic stem cells located in the thin anterior tip of each ovariole. During oogenesis, the egg chambers are transferred along the ovariole while sharply increasing in size because of yolk(More)
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