M. Zerafat Angiz L

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The existing assignment problems for assigning n jobs to n individuals are limited to the considerations of cost or profit measured as crisp. However, in many real applications, costs are not deter-ministic numbers. This paper develops a procedure based on Data Envelopment Analysis method to solve the assignment problems with fuzzy costs or fuzzy profits(More)
SUMMARY 1. There is a colonial retraction response in the Bryozoans Membranipora membranacea and Electra pilosa. 2. The conduction velocity of the response is about 100 cm sec" 1. 3. The colonial response will circumnavigate the end of a cut, but will not cross it. 4. The lophophore retraction time is 60-80 msec. 5. The lophophore retractor muscle with a(More)
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