M. Zerafat Angiz L

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The existing assignment problems for assigning n jobs to n individuals are limited to the considerations of cost or profit measured as crisp. However, in many real applications, costs are not deter-ministic numbers. This paper develops a procedure based on Data Envelopment Analysis method to solve the assignment problems with fuzzy costs or fuzzy profits(More)
  • 1999
To establish the annual dynamics of the sensitivity of worker honeybees to queen pheromone, worker honeybees were taken from the same colony during the same year. Worker honeybees taken from a hive were kept under the same conditions for 24 hours at room temperature. The sensitivity of chemoreceptors of worker honeybees to queen pheromone was determined(More)
—Perception of the lead car's braking was measured on-road when subjects of various levels of driving experience were looking at a digital display located at the lower part of the windscreen, at the speedometer level, or in the mid-console. The brake lights of the lead car were either working normally or switched off. The results indicated that the(More)
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