M Zapletălek

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The authors investigated during prolonged ambulatory treatment with the neuroleptic preparation isofloxythepine (IFT) changes of visually induced responses in 24 psychotic patients. The reference group was formed by 10 healthy volunteers examined before and after administration of a single dose of IFT by the oral route. In addition to the visually induced(More)
  • M Zapletálek
  • 1990
Methodological problems of evaluation of ANS role in influencing human behavior and etiopathogenesis of reactive mental disorders are scrutinized. Authors refer to the clinical experience obtained from long-term monitoring of ANS disorders, and at the same time they try to support the necessity of psychological and mainly social view on the onset and(More)
A 35-year-old female alcohol addicted ingested with suicidal intentions a single dose of 500 mg thioridazine. The course of intoxication was complicated by the development of polymorphous ventricular tachycardia of the torsade de pointes type, about six hours after ingestion. The dysrhythmia was immediately suppressed by stimulation from the right atrium.(More)
The cholinomimemtic substance 7-methoxyacrine was administered to eight patients, incl. 5 patients with tardive dyskinesias after neuroleptic drugs. In all patients an europhorizing effect was recorded, all five patients with tardive dyskinesias improved markedly after a single dose, in one female patient after repeated administration symptoms of tardive(More)