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This paper describes an algorithm to improve a computational cost for estimation using the Kriging method with a large number of sampling data. An improved formula to compute the weighting coefficient for Kriging estimation is proposed. The Sherman–Morrison–Woodbury formula is applied to solving an approximated simultaneous equation to determine a weighting(More)
OBJECTIVES The present study aimed to clarify stress distribution in teeth under an external applied load using microindentation and multiscale simulation. METHODS Anisotropic material properties of enamel and dentin were measured using a microindentation method with a dynamic ultra microhardness tester. The numerical model was constructed using the(More)
Woven composites have been used in many fields such as cars and ships, etc. However, it is very difficult to evaluate the mechanical behavior and the strength because of the complicated geometrical shape. In order to solve the difficulty, we have developed a numerical multi-scale simulation program based on damage mechanics. The following points are the(More)
Predictions of preform geometry and mechanical properties of composites reinforced with 3D woven preforms is on a high demand [1,2]. Methodologically adequate and computationally efficient predictive analysis tools would open new ways toward optimising the fabric architectures, using in full the opportunities offered by the available automated and well(More)
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