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The crystal structure of luteidine has been deciphered by x-ray structural analysis; there are two molecules in the independent part of its elementary cell. These symmetrically independent molecules differ in structure. The position of the olefinic methoxy group of luteidine has been established. Its structure has been determined as(More)
By the chromatographic separation on a column of alumina of the mixture of bases from the epigeal parts of Merendera jolantae Czerniak, collected in the fruit-bearing period (March, ]976), we have isolated fractions of eluates from acetone and acetone-methanol (95:5 and 90:10). The fraction contained two identical compounds differing in their(More)
The structure of the alkaloid isoregecoline (I) with the composition C19H23O4N+, mp. 284–286°C, isolated previously fromColchicum kesselringii Regel growing in the flood plains of the R. Chirchik has been established. It has been shown by IR, PMR and mass spectroscopy and chemical transformations that (I) is an epimer of regecoline isolated from a plant of(More)
The alkaloids ofMerendera iolantae E. Czerniak have been studied for the first time. The total alkaloids consist of tropolone compounds and bases without a tropolone ring. From this plant we isolated the known alkaloids colchicine, colchamine, β-lumicolchicine, colchameine, and 2-demethylcolchiceine, and four new, nontropolone, bases — MI-1 (iolantamine),(More)
On the basis of a study of spectra and chemical transformations the structure of 11-hydroxy-2,12-dimethoxy-1,12-epoxyhexahydrohomoproaporphine has been proposed for regeline — a base fromColchicum kesselringii Rgl. The homoproaporphine carbon-nitrogen skeleton and the complete structure of regeline have been confirmed by a study of its13C NMR spectrum.
On the basis of IR, PMR, and mass spectra and chemical transformations, the alkaloid kesselringine isolated from the epigeal parts ofColchicum kesselringii Rgl. has been shown to have the structure of 2,11-dihydroxy-12-methoxyhexahydro-1,12-epoxyhomoproaporphine with the R absolute configuration at the C6a atom.
The alkaloid complex ofMerendera robusta Bge. (familyLiliaceae) growing in the Tashkent province of the Uzbek SSR has been investigated. The main alkaloids of this plant are colchicine and colchamine. Eleven tropolone alkaloids and their photochemical isomers have been isolated and identified. A new alkaloid of phenolic nature has been isolated for which(More)
The biosynthesis of colchicine and merenderine inMerendera raddeana Rgl. has been studied. The results of supplying the plants with [1-14C]phenylalanine, generally labeled tyrosine, and sodium [1-14C]acetate, and also of the degradation of the molecule of the colchicine isolated, have shown the general nature of the biosynthesis of this alkaloid in species(More)
In an investigation of the total alkaloids ofMerendera robusta Bge, family Liliaceae from various growth sites as a promising raw material for obtaining colchamine and colchicine we have isolated for the first time merenderine and the new homoaporphine alkaloids merobustine and merobustinine, the structures of which have been established by chemical and(More)