M. Yunus

P. Grudloyma1
J. Killewo1
J. Chakraborty1
1P. Grudloyma
1J. Killewo
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Delay in accessing emergency obstetric-care facilities during life-threatening obstetric complications is a significant determinant of high maternal mortality in developing countries. To examine the factors associated with delays in seeking care for episodes of serious illness and their possible implications for safe motherhood interventions in rural(More)
Maize was first domesticated in a restricted valley in south-central Mexico. It was diffused throughout the Americas over thousands of years, and following the discovery of the New World by Columbus, was introduced into Europe. Trade and colonization introduced it further into all parts of the world to which it could adapt. Repeated introductions, local(More)
BACKGROUND The relationship between helminthiases and allergy is a matter of considerable interest and research. In the tropics, house dust mite exposure, a known risk factor for asthma, is frequently concurrent with helminth infections. It remains to be defined whether infection with the common roundworm Ascaris or its bystander immunological effects(More)
This paper reports the design and development of the e-SPRINT, Learning Management System, which has been derived from <i>Sistem Pengurusan Rangkaian Integrasi Notakuliah dalam Talian - mod Elektronik</i>) and currently being implemented at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). The e-SPRINT was developed by utilizing PERL (Practical Extraction and Report(More)
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