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BACKGROUND The objective of this population-based case-referent study in Matlab, Bangladesh, was to assess the susceptibility to arsenic-induced skin lesions by age and sex, in a population drinking water from As-contaminated tube wells. METHODS Identification of As-related skin lesions was carried out in three steps: a) screening of the entire population(More)
The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) is an international process designed to meet the needs of decision-makers and the public for scientific information concerning the consequences of ecosystem change for human well-being, and to analyze options available to enhance the conservation of ecosystems and their contributions to meeting human needs. Leading(More)
Murine norovirus (MNV), identified in 2003, is the only norovirus which replicates efficiently in tissue culture and as a result has been used extensively as a model for human noroviruses, a major cause of acute gastroenteritis. The current report describes the generation of a new approach to reverse genetics recovery of genetically defined MNV that relies(More)
Human noroviruses are responsible for most cases of human gastroenteritis (GE) worldwide and are recurrent problem in environments where close person-to-person contact cannot be avoided (1, 2). During the last few years an increase in the incidence of outbreaks in hospitals has been reported, causing significant disruptions to their operational capacity as(More)
BACKGROUND The rates of influenza illness and associated complications are high among children in Bangladesh. We assessed the clinical efficacy and safety of a Russian-backbone live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) at two field sites in Bangladesh. METHODS Between Feb 27 and April 9, 2013, children aged 2-4 years in urban Kamalapur and rural Matlab,(More)
This paper reports the design and development of the e-SPRINT, Learning Management System, which has been derived from <i>Sistem Pengurusan Rangkaian Integrasi Notakuliah dalam Talian - mod Elektronik</i>) and currently being implemented at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). The e-SPRINT was developed by utilizing PERL (Practical Extraction and Report(More)
BACKGROUND A major characteristic of Candida biofilm cells that differentiates them from free-floating cells is their high tolerance to antifungal drugs. This high resistance is attributed to particular biofilm properties, including the accumulation of extrapolymeric substances, morphogenetic switching, and metabolic flexibility. OBJECTIVES This study(More)
Many health outcomes are influenced by a person's body mass index, as well as by the trajectory of body mass index through a lifetime. Although previous research has established that body mass index related traits are influenced by genetics, the relationship between these traits and genetics has not been well characterized in people of South Asian ancestry.(More)
The relationship between local government or the Intergovernmental Relations (IGR) in a bid to realize the regional administration on that is effective, efficient, and able to act collectively. One form of IGR is intergovernmental cooperation (Cooperation Intergovermental-IGC). Then Cooperation between governments (IGC) using three approaches, namely law(More)
Papers in this volume were prepared for a meeting of senior officials from central banks held at the Bank for International Settlements in May 2011. The views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the BIS or the central banks represented at the meeting. Individual papers (or excerpts thereof) may be reproduced or(More)