M. Yu. Shadrin

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An approach to solving high-performance data-stream processing is proposed based on hardware solutions that use a field-programmable gate array. The described HDG hardware solution was successfully applied to video data streams. The computation capacity of the employed crystal of the Xilinx Virtex5 family is sufficient for the real-time implementation of(More)
An approach for solving computationally intensive problems based on the FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) microchip usage is presented. The approach is examined with the example of searching for common motifs in a genetic sequence of regulatory regions of different genes. Due to the high parallelization and high bandwidth of FPGA chip internal memory,(More)
An approach to solving large resource-consuming problems is proposed based on the application of field-programmable gate array (FPGA) microchips. This approach is demonstrated for application to the problems of searching for common motifs in genetic sequences of regulatory regions of various genes. Due to the high degree of parallelization and high(More)
Typical approaches for implementing some mathematical algorithms based on programmable logic (reconfigurable logical integrated circuits) are proposed. Within the implementation of this approach, a hardware-software solution based on Xilinx FPGA of the Virtex family was designed and created that can be used to test the implemented algorithms and measure(More)
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