M.Yu. Kirdyashkin

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Summary form only given. The ISKRA-6 laser is a 128-beam, flashlamp-driven neodymium-glass laser that will produce near 0.6 MJ of light on target. Each of the 128 beams of the ISKRA-6 laser is amplified in two four-pass laser amplifiers. Pumping system of these amplifiers is consisted the 5120 xenon flash lamps that are drove by a power conditioning system.(More)
Summary form only given. Since 2000 year LUCH laser facility has been worked at RFNC-VNIIEF. This facility was designed as prototype of ISKRA-6 128-beams facility that is developing now. Basis of LUCH facility is 4-beams Nd-glass laser with operating aperture 20times20 cm. This laser is included two four-path amplifiers that are pumped by 432 xenon(More)
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