M. Yu. Khlusova

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The capacity of mouse bone marrow cells to adhere to calcium phosphate surfaces and form tissue plates depending on the surface relief and solubility was studied in ectopic bone formation test. Calcium phosphate coating of titanium disks, made by the anodic spark (microarch) oxidation in 10% orthophosphoric acid with hydroxyl apatite particles, differed by(More)
Morphofunctional response of Jurkat T cells that were cultured for 24 h on substrates prepared from commercially pure titanium with relief microarc bilateral calcium phosphate coating containing copper or zinc was studied. Changes in the concentration of essential trace elements contained in this coating can cause significant imbalance of molecular(More)
Human leukemic T lymphoblastoid cells (hereinafter, Jurkat T cells) have been used to model the morphofunctional reaction of T lymphocytes to 24-h in vitro contact with relief (roughness index Ra = 2.2–2.7 μm) pure titanium substrates (12 × 12 × 1 mm3) covered by a calcium phosphate (CP) bilateral coating prepared by the microarc method. Jurkat T cells(More)
The Cell-IQ continuous surveillance system allowed us to establish the following changes in a 14- day culture in vitro: a twofold suppression of the directional migration of multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells of human adipose tissue (MMSC-AT) towards the samples with a microarc calcium phosphate (CP) coating from synthetic hydroxyapatite; a tenfold(More)
An appreciable increase in the number of aberrant lymphocytes was detected in the peripheral blood of patients with febrile form of tick-borne encephalitis (TBE). This increase peaked during week 2 of the infectious process and was paralleled by a decrease in the count of natural killer cells. By the end of the acute period of neuroinfection the number of(More)
The aim of this research is experimental investigation of the topography and evaluation of some parameters of artificial microterritories promoting osteogenic differentiation of stromal stem cells. A technique of short-term culturing of prenatal human lung stromal cells with fibroblastoid morphology on calcium phosphate substrates with known topography was(More)
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