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A multi-stage moving object detection algorithm in video is described in this paper. First, the camera motion is eliminated by motion compensation. An adaptive subband decomposition structure is then used to analyze the difference image. In the high-band subimages, moving objects which produce outliers are detected using a statistical test determining(More)
The factors with increasing diabetes-prevalence lead to significant global increases in chronic kidney disease. Since hyperglycemia generates more ROS and attenuates cellular antioxidant-defense mechanisms, numerous studies demonstrated that hyperglycemia-induced oxidative stress played a major role in the extracellular matrix expansion in tissues. Although(More)
Effects of nitrogen enrichment, plant litter removal and cutting on a species-rich Mediterranean calcareous grassland. Plant Biosystems 143:443-455. Bonet, A. 2004. Secondary succession of semi-arid Mediterranean old-fields in southeastern Spain: insights for conservation and restoration of degraded lands. Butterfly ecology and conservation of a site in the(More)
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