M. Yagi

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A study was designed to determine whether oesophageal carcinomas can be induced through reflux of duodenal contents. Male Wistar rats weighing 230-250 g were divided into three groups according to the surgical procedure performed: (1) the duodenal contents were directed into the forestomach through a stoma (duodeno-forestomach reflux); (2) the duodenal(More)
Bacterial wilt (Burkholderia caryophylli (Burkholder) Yabuuchi et al.) is one of the most damaging diseases during carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L.) cultivation in Japan. To find molecular markers for use in marker-assisted selection, we constructed a simple sequence repeat (SSR)-based genetic linkage map of carnation using an F2 population of 90 plants(More)
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