M. Ya. Antonovsky

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176 The authors of [2] considered the following situa tion: normal cells of the body can be transformed into the neoplastic cells (cancer), which proliferate at a high rate; the body’s immune system recognizes these cells and destroys them; the outcome of this confron tation (“cell war”) can be different depending on the system parameters that determine the(More)
It is well known that many existing models of forest age structure dynamics describe time dynamics for a local area. However, i t is known that real forest areas have age structures that vary from one gap to another. Local gaps are integrated into a joint forest ecosystem by various seed dispersion mechanisms and by the penetration of roots. The work of(More)
This paper describes an approach for identifying statistically stable central tendencies in the frequency distributions of time series of observations of background atmospheric pollutants. The data were collected as daily mean values of concentrations of sulfur dioxide and suspended particulate matter at five monitoring stations-three in the USSR, one in(More)
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