M. Y. Shams

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Iris recognition is considered as one of the best biometric methods used for human identification and verification, this is because of its unique features that differ from one person to another, and its importance in the security field. This paper proposes an algorithm for iris recognition and classification using a system based on Local Binary Pattern and(More)
Employing a recently introduced unified adaptive filter theory, we show how the performance of a large number of important adaptive filter algorithms can be predicted within a general framework in nonstationary environment. This approach is based on energy conservation arguments and does not need to assume a Gaussian or white distribution for the(More)
This paper presents a new method for adaptive step size for Affine Projection Algorithm (APA). The proposed algorithm is based on an absolute mean of estimation current and prior error vector. It is called Absolute Mean Error Adaptive Step Size Affine Projection Algorithm (AMASSAPA). The main goal of this algorithm is performance enhancement of adaptive(More)
This paper presents a new Variable Step-Size Normalized Subband Adaptive Filter (VSS-NSAF) algorithm. The proposed algorithm uses the prior knowledge of the system impulse response statistics and the optimal step-size vector is obtained by minimizing the Mean-Square Deviation (MSD). In comparison with NSAF, the VSS-NSAF algorithm has faster convergence(More)
Ball screw driven systems are widely used for motion control applications. In such systems, friction dominates the resulting performance and it should be compensated to achieve high precision in positioning and tracking. Hereby a friction model is introduced to describe dynamic behavior of the system and then three control strategies i.e. sliding mode(More)
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