M Y Phillips

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The effect of cocaine administered prior to memory reactivation on the subsequent acquisition of an avoidance response was investigated. Two noncontingent footshocks were administered to rats in the black compartment of a one-way avoidance chamber. Twenty-four hours later, cocaine or saline was administered 5 min prior to a 30-s reactivation treatment(More)
We previously demonstrated that cocaine administered immediately prior to a reactivation episode comprised of re-exposure to selected features of the original fear-conditioning session alters subsequent memory retrieval or reconsolidation. In the present study we determined that, similar to pre-reactivation administration, post-reactivation administration(More)
Glucocorticoid feedback was manipulated in rats deprived of REM for six days or left undisturbed in their home cages. One half of each group received concurrent dexamethasone (400 micrograms/kg), while the other half received corn oil. On test day, rats were observed for 5 min, injected with apomorphine (0.8 mg/kg, i.p.), and again observed. Dexamethasone(More)
The effects of off-vertical rotation upon the intake of tap water immediately after rotation, and upon conditioned taste aversion, were assessed in mice with the tilt of the rotation axis varying from 5 to 20 degrees from the earth-vertical. Conditioned taste aversion occurred in all mice that were rotated, but the intake of tap water was suppressed only in(More)
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