M. Y. Perrin

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We report Gold/Silica biochips for low cost biosensor devices. Firstly, the study of biochemical interactions on silica by means of Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) is presented. Secondly, Gold/Silica biochips are employed to reduce the strong quenching that occurs when a fluorophore is close to the gold surface. Furthermore, the control of the Silica-like(More)
The Paraná-Etendeka flood volcanic event produced approximately 1.5 x 10(6) cubic kilometers of volcanic rocks, ranging from basalts to rhyolites, before the separation of South America and Africa during the Cretaceous period. New (40)Ar/(39)Ar data combined with earlier paleomagnetic results indicate that Paraná flood volcanism in southern Brazil began at(More)
SUMMARY We report palaeointensity estimates obtained from three Oligocene volcanic sections from the Kerguelen Archipelago (Mont des Ruches, Mont des Tempêtes, and Mont Rabouilì ere). Of 402 available samples, 102 were suitable for a palaeofield strength determination after a preliminary selection, among which 49 provide a reliable estimate. Application of(More)
The paper presents radiation models developed to investigate radiation in entry in Earth, Mars and Jupiter atmospheres. The capacity of ASTEROID computing code to simulate elementary radiative processes, calculate spectral and groups optical properties, and also solve simple radiative heat transfer problems is presented for Earth entry. The large number of(More)
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