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Recently it has been shown that an inactivating mutation in the TGFb-SMAD3 signaling pathway, which increases the conversion of osteoblasts to osteocytes, is accompanied by bone loss combined with increased osteocyte density. We hypothesized that increased matrix TGFb, known to occur in osteoarthritis, might cause the reverse of these effects in man.(More)
Tympanostomy tube placement has clearly been shown to be an efficacious treatment for recurrent bouts of acute otitis media or chronic otitis media with effusion. However, there are few objective, prospective, randomized studies present in the literature to aid the clinical otolaryngologist with the proper tube choice for middle ear aeration. A prospective,(More)
PurposeThis study aims to evaluate the accuracy of lens prediction formulae on a paediatric population.MethodsA retrospective case-note review was undertaken of patients under 8 years old who underwent cataract surgery with primary lens implantation in a regional referral centre for paediatric ophthalmology, excluding those whose procedure was secondary to(More)
Age-related expansion of the external surface of the femoral neck in order to offset generalized bone loss is potentially an important mechanism whereby hip strength and hence resistance to hip fracture is maintained. However, it has been widely assumed that bone formation is precluded from this external interface due to the presence of a synovial membrane(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE For the first time, delivered dose to the rectum has been calculated and accumulated throughout the course of prostate radiotherapy using megavoltage computed tomography (MVCT) image guidance scans. Dosimetric parameters were linked with toxicity to test the hypothesis that delivered dose is a stronger predictor of toxicity than(More)
Femoral neck fractures have previously been shown to be associated with increased cortical and endocortical remodeling, reduced wall thickness of endocortical packets and cortical porosity. Femoral neck width is associated positively with history of lifetime physical activity; so we hypothesized that exposure to mechanical loading may influence the(More)
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