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In this work, the endurance behavior of a ball grid array package is determined at two different temperature cycle conditions: a thermal cycle test and a thermal shock test. The observed failure distributions and failure modes allow deriving a translation factor between the two test conditions. Finite element analyses are carried out to design a predictive(More)
cycle test (TCT) and a thermal shock test (TST). Specific A new method was developed for modeling electronic temperature profiles of the tests are shown in Figure 6. packages. The method is applied to a BGA 256 on board. The simulation results were compared to measured results A short description of the verification experiments iS of a thermal cycle test(More)
This paper presents our effort to predict IC, packaging, and board level reliability problems. Micro-electronic based reliability problems are driven by the mismatch between the different material properties, such as thermal expansion, hygro-swelling, and/or the degradation of interfacial strength. In the past, such reliability problems were treated(More)
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