M. Y. Jansen

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The recovery of beverage cartons (BC) in three lightweight packaging waste processing plants (LP) was analyzed with different input materials and input masses in the area of 21-50Mg. The data was generated by gravimetric determination of the sorting products, sampling and sorting analysis. Since the particle size of beverage cartons is larger than 120mm, a(More)
In this work, the endurance behavior of a ball grid array package is determined at two different temperature cycle conditions: a thermal cycle test and a thermal shock test. The observed failure distributions and failure modes allow deriving a translation factor between the two test conditions. Finite element analyses are carried out to design a predictive(More)
For predictive numerical simulations of subsurface floods (groundwater head rise due to high water in a contiguous river), it is important to know how to represent the bank storage process in a numerical groundwater model. Whilst leakage approaches are frequently used for modeling bank storage, another option is the application of a head boundary condition.(More)
This paper presents our effort to predict IC, packaging, and board level reliability problems. Micro-electronic based reliability problems are driven by the mismatch between the different material properties, such as thermal expansion, hygro-swelling, and/or the degradation of interfacial strength. In the past, such reliability problems were treated(More)
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