M. Xavier Suresh

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We have developed the database TMFunction, which is a collection of more than 2900 experimentally observed functional residues in membrane proteins. Each entry includes the numerical values for the parameters IC50 (measure of the effectiveness of a compound in inhibiting biological function), V(max) (maximal velocity of transport), relative activity of(More)
BACKGROUND Tamulotoxin (TmTx) from Buthus tamulus was found to be a highly venomous toxin which accelerates the neurotransmitter release that directly affects the cardiovascular tissues and the respiratory system leading to death. TmTx from red Indian scorpion is a crucial inhibitor for Ca(2+) activated K(+) channel in humans. OBJECTIVE The study is aimed(More)
OBJECTIVE Charybdotoxin-C (ChTx-C), from the scorpion Leiurus, quinquestriatus hebraeus blocks the calcium-activated potassium channels and causes hyper excitability of the nervous system. Detailed understanding the structure of ChTx-C, conformational stability, and intermolecular interactions are required to select the potential inhibitors of the toxin. (More)
Locating ligand binding sites and finding the functionally important residues from protein sequences as well as structures became one of the challenges in understanding their function. Hence a Naïve Bayes classifier has been trained to predict whether a given amino acid residue in membrane protein sequence is a ligand binding residue or not using only(More)
BACKGROUND The alpha-delta bungartoxin-4 (α-δ-Bgt-4) is a potent neurotoxin produced by highly venomous snake species, Bungarus caeruleus, mainly targeting neuronal acetylcholine receptors (nAchRs) and producing adverse biological malfunctions leading to respiratory paralysis and mortality. OBJECTIVE In this study, we predicted the three-dimensional(More)
UNLABELLED Salmonellosis is one of the most common and widely distributed food borne diseases caused by Salmonella serovars. The emergence of multi drug resistant strains has become a threatening public health problem and targeting unique effectors of this pathogen can be considered as a powerful strategy for drug design. SalmonellaBase is an online web(More)
BACKGROUND Ricin is considered to be one of the most deadly toxins and gained its favor as a bioweapon that has a serious social and biological impact, due to its widespread nature and abundant availability. The hazardous effects of this toxin in human being are seen in almost all parts of the organ system. The severe consequences of the toxin necessitate(More)
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